Our Team – Regional Office for Asia and Pacific

Denis Nkala

UNOSSC Regional Coordinator (Asia-Pacific)

+6623049100 Ext 5407

Expertise: South-South and Triangular Cooperation, Development Cooperation, Facilitating Partnerships, Programme Management, Knowledge Management and Applied Economics.

Responsibilities: Leading and Managing the UNOSSC Office for Asia and Pacific.

Solomone Momoivalu


+679 9983820

Expertise: Networking, Communications, Diplomacy, Development Cooperation, Programme Management, Advancing South-South and Triangular Cooperation agenda, Gender, Culture and Religion.

Responsibilities: Advocacy and mainstreaming of South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the Pacific region. Institutionalisation of South-South Cooperation in Pacific Island countries, support for National focal points and Development Cooperation Agencies. Leading UNOSSC sub-regional office for the Pacific. Resource mobilization.

Etti Diana

Community Sustainability Advisor

Expertise:Policy, Research, Programme management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Community Development and Empowerment

Responsibilities: Advisory on Policy and strategy for the centre of excellence (Centre), Mobilising resources for the Centre, Preparing cooperation agreements with partners for collaboration in sustainable village innovation and development.

Louismongkol Sapkul

Advocacy Advisor

+6623049100 Ext 5445

Expertise: Development Cooperation, Programme Management, Facilitating South-South and triangular cooperation, International relation.

Responsibilities: Promoting South-South and triangular cooperation in the region, Partnership building, Capacity building, SS and triangular policy and practice, Knowledge management.

Leba Salusalu

Research Specialist (Pacific)

+679 9256515

Expertise: Research, International Relations & Partnership Engagement.

Responsibilities: Support South-South and triangular cooperation in the Pacific Islands. Focal point on South-South action for climate change. Focal point for South-South think tank networks.

Ayu Primarini

Partnership Specialist

Expertise:Development partnerships, Bilateral and Regional Cooperation, International relations, Community Development and Communication

Responsibilities: Building and promoting partnerships with the village communities, Compiling knowledge products for showcasing the village development model, and supporting resource mobilisation for the Centre.

Xin HE

Programme Analyst

+662-304-9100 ext. 5502

Expertise:Policy Research on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Programme Management, Knowledge Management, Partnership Building.

Responsibilities: Promoting South-South and Triangular cooperation in East Asia. Focal point for Climate Change and Environment (Asia).

Yejin Kim

Programme Specialist

+6623049100 Ext 5403

Expertise: Capacity Development, Programme Management, Knowledge Management, Partnership Building on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), ICT for Development (ICT4D), and Humanitarian Assistance.

Responsibilities: Programme management and gender.

Pinxin Chen

University Volunteer

+6623049100 Ext. 5478

Expertise: Project Management, Youth Engagement, Research, Psychology.

Responsibilities: Focal Point for Youth programmes including the South-South Entrepreneurship Academy.

Saowalak Sangsomboon

Programme Associate

+6623049100 Ext 5429

Expertise: Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Mathematics and Statistics.

Responsibilities: Project Support, Budgeting, Office Management and Administration, in UNOSSC Asia-Pacific Office.