Moving Forward with the South-South Network for Public Service Innovation

Participants at the second capacity building workshop pause to launch the first newsletter of the SSN4PSI , “Insights”. The name captures the spirit that solutions are within our reach, in sight.

The second capacity building workshop for the South-South Network for Public Service Innovation (SSN4PSI) took place in Astana, Kazakhstan from 7 -9 June. The meeting was embedded in the Astana Civil Service Hub’s  Annual Conference with theme, “ Public Service  Excellence in the Era of SDGs”.   At the end of the workshop the SSN4PSI received 13  matches for collaboration among participating country and institution delegates. Furthermore, the Network’s prospects for effectiveness was boosted by the promised continued support of the  Chairman of the Astana Hub’s Steering Committee Mr. Ali Khan Baemenov. Following on the heels of the successful collaboration the support is a very positive development for the fledgling Network. The Network also received support from the President of the Asian Association for Public Administration (AAAPA) professor Alex Brillantes Jr.


UNOSSC Regional Office staff with Mr. Anir Chowdhury in Bangkok

Following the Astana meeting,  Anir Chowdhury, the Head of Access to Information (a2i) in Bangladesh, co-conveners of the Network, visited Bangkok for  further planning. In follow-up, the Network coordinators will soon invite identified country representatives/individuals to join the Advisory Board and establish a fund for the Network under the UN  Trust Fund for South-South Cooperation. Furthermore, several partnerships will be cemented extending the reach of the Network to all Geographic Regions.