Invitation to Apply to Youth 4 South Orientation/Training – Istanbul (Turkey, 20-22 June 2018), Deadline 18 May 2018

The UN Office for South-South Cooperation (Asia-Pacific Office) invites expression of interest from Asia-Pacific Youth to participate in Orientation/Training (pilot cohort)  in “Agriculture and Rural Development” and “Reproductive Health”.


The 5 nominated participants will be from the following categories:


  1. Young Professionals and young leaders from Agriculture and Rural Development/Reproductive Health Ministries and Sectors,
  2. Young Professionals from Technical Cooperation Agencies,
  3. Experienced UNVs Specialized in Agriculture and Reproductive Health



The Y4S 1st Pilot Orientation/Training, entitled “UN Catalytic Support to South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Implementing the Agenda 2030”, is scheduled to take place from 20 to 22 June, in Istanbul, Turkey, to take advantage of the facilities and ride on the planned UN System Staff College (UNSSC) training alongside the 4th Regional Networking Forum.


  • The 1st Pilot Orientation will focus on two thematic clusters namely “Agriculture and Rural Development” and “Reproductive Health”, and will be co-led by China Belt and Road Institute for Agricultural Cooperation (BRIAC) and China Institute for South-South Cooperation in Agriculture (CISSCA) under the China Agriculture University (CAU), UNFPA, IFAD, IsDB, OECD, South Centre, UNDP, and other institutional partners.
  • The educational module will be conducted with the support of the UNSSC. We hope to test and review the educational module and programme model through this pilot orientation.
  • A small group of around 20 young leaders and young professionals from national government, technical cooperation agencies, and respective sectors are expected to join the pilot cohort.


Please find attached a more detailed explanation of this pilot orientation including overview of the course and composition of the pilot cohort, for your kind reference.


It is also aimed that some concrete project proposals will be developed and incubated out of this orientation for joint pledging and implementation.


Please kindly respond by 18 May 2018. Successful applicants will be informed by June 4.


Suggested criteria

  1. Young  professionals  under  the  age  of  35  will  be considered  (exceptions  can  be  accepted  with justifications).
  2. Nationals from LDCs LLDCs SIDs will be prioritized.
  3. Proficiency in English required.
  4. Experience and expertise in screening/developing/implementing development cooperation (SSTrC) projects from respective Ministries/Sector/technical cooperation agencies required.

Nomination Package

  1. Applicants CVs
  2. 2 recommendations from the nominating agency and applicant’s organization required.
  3. Cover letter from the applicant needs to be submitted indicating a. Why he/she is interested in the Y4S training
  4. What specific solutions/projects he/she would like to implement/scale up c.   What capacity gaps/needs/questions they would like to address.


Please send expression of interest and nomination package to



Date:                 20 -22 June 2018

Duration:          3 days

Venue:               Istanbul, Turkey


Course Overview

Day Curriculum Convener/Facilit ator Partic ipants Format
1 “UN Catalytic Support to South-South & Triangular

Cooperation in Implementing the Agenda 2030


Understanding SSTrC in the context of the Agenda

2030 and internalizing approaches.

UN System Staff



ALL Instructed Course Interactive workshop
2 “UN Catalytic Support to South-South & Triangular

Cooperation in Implementing the Agenda 2030


National stock-taking. SSTrC Initiatives supported by UN in the field. Building practical SSTrC programmes in support to national priorities. Negotiation and Stakeholder Engagement: skills-building, FAQ, working exercise and role play.

UN System Staff



ALL Instructed course

Role  Play


3 Module in Agriculture and Rural Development with case studies from IFAD and Rome Based Agencies

Scaling up good practices in SSTrC. Thematic module in Agriculture Development and Reproductive Health and Cases Studies exchanges.

China Agriculture University, IFAD Agric ulture Youn g

Profes sional s

Instructed course

Role  Play


Thematic Module in Reproductive Health


(same as Agriculture module)

UNFPA Regional


RH Young



Instructed course


Role Play


SSTrC project proposals design based on national priorities and needs match making


Participants Jointly design SSTrC project proposals based on national priorities and needs match making.

UN System Staff College, All resources teams, UNOSSC ALL Interactive