Youth Livelihoods and Wellness Through South-South Cooperation, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Hong Kong, 29-30 March 2018

Some of the Youth after getting certificates of participation


We put our heads together, academics, people willing to give their time to global citizenship and the sustainability of our development and the planet we live on, the Government of Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China) and the United Nations Office for South-South cooperation.  “The challenges for the Youth include finding means to make a living in an environment of high competition. It is no longer sufficient to have a certificate. Almost everyone has one. We are not only competing with each other but with machines as well,” said one of the participants.


Furthermore, to achieve sustainability there needs to be peace. Peace can be promoted by education for understanding, cultivating a culture of global citizenship and tolerance, said the President of the UNESCO Hong Kong Association.


A Vice-President of the UNESCO Hong Kong Association took the young people on a gender journey in the history of Hong Kong development. At the end of her speech, she concluded that there is a lot to do on gender in Hong Kong and everywhere else in this world and the solution lies with both female and male young people.


These were some of the themes discussed around this workshop which is mostly focused on helping the young people develop entrepreneurship skills.   Students and young people from six countries; Botswana, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Swaziland participated in the meeting. Participating Youths from Africa were identified by the African Union.  The young people  brought their ideas for entrepreneurship which they will refine after listening to academics on design thinking and the practical aspects of entrepreneurship from the graduates of Cyberport in Hong Kong. Cybeport is the well-known entepreneurship training Centre set up by the Hong Kong Government.


An interesting innovation in the Dialogue is that they will be asked to form teams and try to come up with an entrepreneurship idea. The idea will be vetted by academics and entrepreneurs. The winner will receive an award and furthermore get an opportunity to submit the idea to Cyberport for financing. This innovation means that young people from Asia and Africa may work together and will better understand their approaches to entrepreneurship.


It is the wish of the UN Office for South-South Cooperation to have this as an annual event hosted by Cyberport and scaled up to host the Youth from other regions as well.