The Korean Facility: New Team Gives its Full Backing for the Implementation of Phase 2

UNOSSC and STEP Staff with Director Cho and his team at the Ministry of Science and ICT

21 February, 2018 – Staff members from the UN Office for South-South Cooperation Asia-Pacific Office, accompanied by colleagues from the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) paid a visit to the new management team at the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT).

Mr. Haekeun Cho, Senior Director, Multilateral Cooperation Division and his team assured UNOSSC staff of their satisfaction with the progress of implementation of Phase 2 of the programme and emphasized that all parties should endeavor to achieve progress in the countries where it is being implemented. He noted that the triangular cooperation programme, conceived under South-South cooperation, is an effort by the Republic of Korea (RoK) to support other countries as the RoK was supported by others during its early phases of development.

The meeting followed an earlier technical discussion on the 2018 workplan for three institutions working closely together under the Facility. Based on the discussions, the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI), the Technology and Economics Management Programme in Seoul National University and the UNITAR CIFAL/Jeju Centre (the Platform Group) will align their programmes to enable training of larger numbers, saving of costs and strengthening evaluation and achievement of results. The joint planning will enhance the work of the three institutions in Cambodia and Indonesia and reinforce the result-based focus of the other Republic of Korea institutions working under the Facility. The new workplan will soon be communicated to the partner countries by the coordinator of the Platform Group (STEPI).

The second day of the meeting focused on a consultation among the six Consortium institutions who worked on strengthening intra-consortium collaboration and ways to develop a model village based on the RoK experience and research.

On the last day the Platform Group, the Consortium and the RCARO (implements the third pillar of the Facility – the scaled up project) met to consolidate individual component plans into collaborative action plans for working together among all three components. The actual capacity development work, the indicators for monitoring and evaluation of progress and achievements of results and infusion of technology from the scaled up project were proposed for further project actions.