FAO will convene the 34th session of the Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific

Delegates to the Conference can expect to engage with FAO on the regional priorities and initiatives and the Sustainable Development Goals that drive FAO’s work.  The forthcoming biennium in the RAP Region will be given a framework by Regional Initiatives:

  • Zero Hunger
  • Blue Growth
  • Climate change
  • One Health
  • Inter-region SIDs Initiative for the Pacific

Some of the highlights of the Conference include a Ministerial Roundtable on Zero Hunger, a Roundtable on “Imagining future healthy and inclusive food systems in Asia and the Pacific,” an Exhibition honoring the achievements and progress of the 10 Regional Offices that marking their 40th Anniversaries, a side event on how FAO’s Strategic Programme now addresses development issues using a multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary approach to deliver value-added in FAO’s work and a field trip.

During Senior Officers meeting, 9 – 11 April 2018, there will be a discussion matter related in South-South Cooperation under the topic of ‘Accelerating Action on Food Security and Nutrition in Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS)’. Inter-Regional Initiative (IRI) includes a cross-regional component to promote south-south cooperation, partnerships and experience sharing, as well as components designed to address the specificities and requirements of the three SIDS regions.

In addition, the Side Event on the 40th Anniversary of FAO Country Representations will show exhibition to celebrate FAO’s lasting commitment to the field and country-level cooperation with host governments. It will give visibility to the achievements of FAO’s country programmes and advocate for the role of the Organization’s country offices. The 40th anniversary initiative is an opportunity to raise awareness of FAO’s decentralized operations and strengthen opportunities for resource mobilization and partnerships, including South-South and Triangular Cooperation. Particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of FAO’s long-term presence and technical assistance in the field for contributing to member countries’ achievement of the SDGs


For more information please visit: http://www.fao.org/about/meetings/aprc34/en/