South-South Network for Public Service Innovation

South-South Network for Public Service Innovation (SSN4PSI) is a global collaborative platform where governments, private sector organizations, experts, academicians and distinguished individuals (who are members of this network) can exchange knowledge, experiences and expertise to harness innovations in public service delivery and help governments and people to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s and other development agenda.

What we do?

Developing countries and multilateral institutions are developing formal rules, informal norms and dedicated organizations to support Southern collaboration in – knowledge-sharing, peer-to-peer learning, capacity-building, technical cooperation and technology transfer. The SSN4PSI supports regional capacity building, documentation and research on public service innovation. The network was launched at the Global South-South Development Expo on 27 November 2017 in Antalya, Turkey. While it promotes pragmatic cooperation among the Southern countries with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in focus, the SSN4PSI also catalyzes positive change around the global South to ensure a better future for all citizens, leaving no one behind.

To fulfill this promise, the SSN4PSI undertakes various activities under the following major areas:

  • Search for avenues for cooperation among different countries and government agencies which can result in the creation, replication, adoption, and/or upscaling of public service innovations, practices and policies;
  • Design and arrange international events and exploration trips where interested public and private sector entities and individuals representing the Global South and partners can come together and dialogue;
  • Provide technical assistance in developing contracts and agreements between the members of SSN4PSI;
  • Collect, organize, maintain and share data on proven public service innovations which can be accessed by the members of SSN4PSI;
  • Engage the members of SSN4PSI in result-oriented and experience-sharing dialogue on a continuous basis through multiple virtual social media-based platforms;
  • Collect and develop regular and frequent articles, reports and publications to promote the success and learning of the members of the SSN4PSI to the entire world.


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Advisory Board

News and Events related to the South-South Network for Public Service Innovation


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SSN4PSI collaboration towards a public service innovation revolution in Somalia

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SSN4PSI Event at Astana Civil Service Hub Conference 2018

SSN4PSI hosts its 2nd international event at the Astana Civil Service Hub Conference where amid dignitaries and policymakers from both developing and developed nations, partnerships are formed, and success stories are shared.   VIDEO: Workshop on Effective Matchmaking for Public […]